By far, the UK ecommerce market is the largest one in Europe. Each year, online sales are exceeding retail purchases. Hence there is plenty of room for ecommerce businesses to grow. So, if you want to get involved in the industry, now is the great time.

With so many ecommerce solutions, it has never been easier to establish your online store. However, the process to choose the right solution can become overwhelming due to numerous available options.

UK Ecommerce Businesses and Shopify

Shopify is widely known as all-in-one ecommerce platform. It’s the only solution which offers its own payment processing services. This means you don’t need to choose another company to handle your online payments. In addition, Shopify’s range of themes and easy-to-use website builder makes it all easy to set up your online store and to sell products in no time. In case you need to sell offline with POS software, Shopify has also got you covered.

As a matter of fact, all this convenience comes with a price tag. Don’t assume Shopify as the cheapest option out there. When you look at Shopify’s transaction fees, they aren’t really competitive which is unfortunate. Yes, you have plenty of other options as well. Yet, choosing a different payment company comes with additional transaction fee which is a downside for UK customers. Another problem with Shopify is that it lacks UK-based support team. This depicts that UK customers will have to put through Philippines team to get their issues resolved.

Case study – How UK business expand internationally by using Shopify?

Black + blum is a London-based ecommerce business that’s involved into designing and selling home ware products. When they launched their new site, their sales took a fall instantly. Both sales in Europe and US descended rapidly up to 50%. The problem was the site’s functionality. The new site wasn’t loading in certain browsers and on certain smartphones. There was no proper alignment of text with images.

When they considered Shopify as enterprise ecommerce software, Black was really impressed. Shopify allowed them to build a functional ecommerce website with aesthetic appeal, and expand their reach to international customers as well.

How much does the Shopify plus cost in UK?

When you choose Shopify plus for your large business, it doesn’t come with transaction fees. Also, there’s no standard price as with other packages. The pricing of Shopify plus varies from one business case to another. However, generally Shopify Plus pricing begins at around $2,000 for a month.


Whether you’re just starting up your venture, or already own a store and want to switch to Shopify, Shopify has everything to improve revenue and sales.

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