Ever wondered what makes Shopify the crowned king of the ecommerce world? Well, Shopify is the complete ecommerce solution. In short, it is the future of ecommerce. This is the only platform which allows entrepreneurs to carry on their business journey from first-scale to full-scale.

With 2,000 employees and over 500,000 businesses, people just don’t prefer Shopify blindly. Following features make Shopify plus the best enterprise ecommerce platform available out there.

Shopify’s Simplified Expansion

Entrepreneurs can easily expand their reach with Shopify plus. Being multi-channel ecommerce software, it allows online selling to marketplaces, messaging apps, social media, and so on. Wondering how Shopify manages all of it? Well, the platform eradicates all challenges by optimizing multi-channel campaigns and integrating front-end user experiences and back-end operations.

Shopify let you connect with your customers

With Shopify, you will have lots of channels together at a reasonable cost. Since most of the businesses tend to prioritize their presence on these five areas – marketplaces, social media, messaging, online store, and real life, Shopify plus ensures each of the channel’s integration with your store.

Allows Listing Your Products on Marketplaces And Beyond

Shopify allows retailers to inherently list their products on world’s giant marketplaces and social media platforms. Shopify also allow instant purchases via Instagram, Facebook, and more. The enterprise ecommerce platform has ability to sync prices, orders, inventory, and ensures delivery all from a single dashboard.


You might want your store to look professional and optimized on every device user use. This is why Shopify plus provides mobile commerce features like responsive storefront, automatic discounts and customized checkouts. In fact, payments have never easier with over 100 payment gateways provided by Shopify.


Selling wholesale is a way to expand your business. Yet, it doesn’t mean that selling wholesale has to be always tough and time consuming. Shopify’s multichannel ecommerce software allows retailers to start selling wholesale online. Yes, you can sell directly to your high-volume customers. This is because Shopify makes it all super easy. From creating a self-service storefront to customized price listings, Shopify plus covers everything to ensure a great b2b experience.


When you choose Shopify as a scalable solution, you don’t have to pursue peak traffic or build the architecture. Scaling becomes a matter of point-and-click. Shopify’s Scalability is most likely cheaper and simpler.


For most businesses, using Shopify comes as a relief. After all, all you want is ease of use and affordability.

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