If you are thinking of opening an online store, Shopify or Wix would be one of the questions to come in your mind. Both of them are equally popular and provide the best features for a scalable ecommerce platform.

So which one of the two best platforms should you select for your online store? Here is a brief comparison guide that will help you decide.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an all-in-one ecommerce solution that allows aspiring business owners to start their online business within a few minutes.  Shopify not only works with beginner entrepreneurs but also can be integrated with some of the world’s largest brands and even brick-and-mortar business locations.

It is easy to use and provides several mobile-responsive themes to customize the look of your online shop. Shopify load time is also very fast and is able to load pages within 1 – 4 seconds.

When it comes to displaying your products for the prospective customer, Shopify offers limited variants in colors, size, and shape. However, you can enhance the customization of your online store by going for the extra (free and paid) apps available for Shopify stores.

Price: The basic Shopify plan starts at $26 per month.

What is Wix?

Wix is a website-building platform and boasts around 110 million users globally. Its functions are not limited to online stores and you can easily create a personal blog or a portfolio website with the help of tools available on Wix.

Wix, like Shopify is easy to use. In fact, many website developers claim it is the easiest website builder out there and even the most novice developer can use it without any hassle.

It also comes with over 60 free ecommerce templates that are appeal-worthy. The only catch is that they are not mobile-responsive and users generally place add-ons manually to make it work on mobile devices.

Price: The payment plan for the Wix service starts at $20 per month.

Conclusion – Which one is the best?

Both – Wix and Shopify offer some of the most convenient tools for launching your online store and it is a challenge to choose between the two.

We suggest you choose to go with Shopify if you are:

  • Part of a drop shipping business
  • You are looking for a scalable ecommerce solution
  • You are looking for advanced ecommerce solution
  • you want more payment gateways

You should choose Wix as your e-commerce business service provider if you are:

  • you want to build your online store in the easiest way possible
  • Your online store also includes blogs, landing pages, etc.
  • you want more designing options

Compare the two platforms with your requirements and let us know which one you choose? Good luck!

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